Prema Majumder and Amelia Varua

“Travelling to Fiji with Dr Sheen and Suzy was a wonderfully enriching experience for us as the trip enabled us to broaden our knowledge and partake in a wide range of medical and cultural Fijian activities

We were able to fully immerse ourselves in the local communities along the Coral Coast, including a truly enjoyable traditional logo – a feast of Fijian delicacies cooked in an earth oven, followed by a kava ceremony with the Chief of Vatukarasa.

We were warmly welcomed by the friendly villages and resorts where we conducted the health screens. It was rewarding to talk to the Fijian locals who were being screened as they were very openly grateful for the service we delivered – especially the much-needed glasses we provided for those who were tested as having poor reading vision.

In addition to vision-testing, we carried out screens for abnormal blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose level, heart-sounds, sugar consumption, BMI, waist-to-circumference ratio, ear examinations and dentition. Doing these screens not only improved our practical clinical skills, but also gave us plenty of opportunities to learn how to communicate effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

On top of screen, we were introduced to experienced local health workers in Sigatoka Hospital and within community health centres. These doctors and nurses taught us how to hone our history-taking and opened our eyes to the district’s most prevalent health problems.

The time spent with these professionals in Fiji was inspirational but also very instructive. We learnt many valuable lessons in a truly beautiful place. We would definitely recommend this experience to any interested medical students. We are sure that you won’t regret the wealth of learning you will experience in this warm and vibrant country.”

Prema Majumder & Amelia Varua